Kryolan supports the preservation of the oceans with bodypainting

By being part of a new bodypainting world record attempt, Kryolan helps to save the world’s oceans. After all, water isn't just life, it also houses life. It’s a fantastic world full of paradisiacal reefs, mysterious and incomparable biodiversity and many enchanted, undiscovered places at every turn. Unfortunately, the human population has critically endangered this precious site. Because of the continuous environmental pollution and increasing tourism, the oceans and their unique biotopes are at the mercy of humankind.

It's time to set an example. Therefore, on August 19th, the world's biggest 3D bodypainting picture will be attempted, covering an area of 4844 ft² at the Exhibition Center Vienna. Under the direction of Gabriela Hajek Renner, a multiple bodypaint world champion, 250 volunteering professional bodypainters will draw an underwater world on human bodies using Kryolan’s bodypainting products.

The event supports the REEFCALENDER, an organization, which annually publishes a calendar of the same name to show the beautiful, vulnerable side of this natural habitat. A wildlife sanctuary, which will cease to exist if no change of heart in terms of environmental safety takes place. Profits of sale from the calendar sustain various projects worldwide, which take up the cause of preserving the marine ecosystem. In order to push sales and thus the support for the global oceans, the initiators Michael Szirota and Martin Aigner focus on a large-scaled, vivid art piece.

There's still a time to join the event and to be part of the huge underwater art piece, which will be on the cover of the REEFCALENDER 2018 – for the sake of nature.

For more information and to register, visit their website.
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