100k Facebook Fans

One hundred thousand (100,000) is the natural number following 99999 and preceding 100001. In scientific notation, it is written as 10^5.

Since October 2012, we have created hugely popular sharable content, together with our agency Propaganda introducing clever crowd-sourcing initiatives, celebrating 100s of Kryolan store openings, events, shows, trendlooks & tutorials, and engaging fans with inspirational content – all based around the amazing world of professional make-up artistry.

Make-up artists are the life blood of our business, and social media not only lets us share our news on a real-time basis
Kryolan is famous for its heritage, world-class products and its unique scientific approach to creating make-up. Kryolan’s founder, Arnold Langer, is a chemist, and the brand is now run by three generations of the Langer family. With a sustained creative social media strategy we managed to see the numbers of dedicated Facebook fans rise from 25,000 to 100,000. What’s more, the levels of engagement & sentiment for the brand are second-to-none.

Nadine Langer, Kryolan’s marketing manager, says: “As an international brand experiencing an intense rate of growth, social media is crucial to us. Make-up artists are the life blood of our business, and social media not only lets us share our news on a real-time basis, but allows us to have a dialogue with the people who are SO important to us – and celebrate and share their work too. Our social media fans & followers are all fantastic."
“We are absolutely overjoyed to have hit 100k on Facebook. Here’s to the next 100,000!”

To mark the milestone, Propaganda has created a visual countdown of key Kryolan milestones to share on Facebook - #KryolanInNumbers – to highlight the elements of its business that Kryolan holds dear; its scientific heritage, the family, product innovation, its ongoing growth & commitment to global audiences and, of course, its expanding audience of professional make-up artists.

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At Kryolan, we make make-up. But not like anybody else. Because unlike everybody else, we actually make our make-up. We‘ve done it our own way for more than 70 years and three generations. We think of it. We manufacture it. Formulate it and love it into existence. There is only one real professional make-up maker. There is only one Kryolan.
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