May 22 - May 23, 2019

Masterclass with multi award winning, International Make-up Artist Einat Dan.

An exclusive masterclass inspired by Einat Dan's latest upcoming book launch "Art Beyond Beauty".

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The Masterclass
“Create your own masterpiece”

Every makeup artist should have their own style, a signature make-up.
Einat will show you how she created her unique style and how she is creating a masterpiece on her model.
Nude makeup is very important for every make-up artist, but when you think out of the box and creating something different, people will remember you.
Come and learn how to be unique in your own way.

This 2 day MasterClass, in partnership with Kryolan, will consist of demonstrations by Einat herself followed by practical exploration for the attendees. With 1-2-1 tutition allowing the attendees to refine and express their own personal style and individuality. This Masterclass is perfect for those who want the freedom to find their own creative signature, with guidance from one of the industries finest artists.

Einat Dan
Dan is one of the leading award-winning make-up artists and art directors of our time and her career has spanned over two decades and reached almost every continent. Her main passion has been centered in make-up art and has taken her around the world, starting out in Tel Aviv in Israel, leading her to quickly move on to living and working out of cities such as New York, Milan and Berlin.

Dan's passion flows beyond the boundaries of make-up into every area that can be touched by her talent. With a passion for fashion films, writing scripts, directing, producing and acting as head of make-up on set, she has also worked extensively on fashion shows, music videos, art direction and set design, giving her a plethora of invaluable knowledge and experience. She has an inner fire that has burned consistetly with the years of passion and resulted in a large following of artistic admirers.

Dan exclusively launches her first make-up book 2 days before this Masterclass and will be discussing the inspirations and works within its stunning pages. 'Art beyond Beauty' will be available at the Kryolan store following the masterclass.

Limited tickets available click here
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